Green philosophy

From the environment to the person and for the environment and the person: this is what Glam1965 proposes every time the sun rises high in the sky.

Glam1965’s is a cross-hug with sostenibilità, in which respect, care, love, commitment, study and perseverance all come together.

Who choose Glam1965 choose not only a product, but also an unique approach and a conscious lifestyle.

Today, more than ever, the attention to the world that hosts us and in which we live in, is the focus to bring always up.
In this world we should feel safe, we should do everything to protect it, we should make it feel good to feel good together; we should, but many times, even if we try to do something, it is never enough.

For this reason, Glam1965 has taken a decisive step that looks to the present but aspires to the future, focusing on unique values and completely sustainable production choices: which ones?
Let’s go in order:

  • Glam1965 products do not contain chemicals and harmful substances, petroleum derivatives, dyes, fragrances with allergens and repellent gases;
  • Glam1965 products are suitable for vegans and are gluten free;
  • Glam1965 products are cruelty free;
  • Glam1965 products are packaged in multi-packs, avoiding an excessive production of individual boxes;
  • The packaging is only in in glass and aluminum, perfect materials for the preservation of the content and 100% recyclable;
  • All Glam1965 products are 100% made in Italy.

If you choose Glam1965, you choose to feel good today but, above all, you choose to improve your tomorrow.