Our origins

Glam1965 was born in Formigine, in the province of Modena and comes from DELTA BKB, an important company founded in 1965 originally dedicated to the production of professional hair cosmetics.

As in the best stories, something changes and brings a plot twist, an awarness, a dream in the drawer; something that pushes to come out.

DELTA BKB decides to expand and to support the “green philosophy”, starting making 100% natural cosmetic product for hair, face, body and more.

And, what about Glam1965? Well, Glam1965 is the special petal of an immense flower; Glam1965 is the result of seven hearts that, placed together, have made something special and unique. So, we can totally declare that Glam1965 is the result of a great passion for cosmetics and wanted to reach out to a new approach to life, sustainable, conscious and natural in all its forms.
Glam1965 wants to offer you a personal experience in which you’ll live a memorable journey, attentive to the environment and everything that inhabits, so yes, even you.

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