Our values

We can enclose Glam1965’s image in five fundamental values. Five, as a mirror of the hand that the brand has extended toward the biggest goal: improving the environment and adopting a sustainable and natural lifestyle.

Let’s see them together:

1) Indispensable quality

The quality of Glam1965’s products is the first value; the brand wants to be sure they are perfect, flawless and formulated with specific 100% natural ingredients.

2) Made in Italy

Glam1965 was born, grows and develops on the italian territory; for this reason, each product is thought, studied, analyzed, realized and finally packaged in Italy.

3) Craftsmanship

Closely realted to point n° 2 is the craftsmanship. The products finished and ready to use guarantee the total craftsmanship, which makes the experience completely natural.

4) Courage and sustainability

Dompy’s experience is 100% natural: why? Because Glam1965 is totally attentive to the environment and, consequently, to its production cycle. For this reason, Glam1965 chooses packaging and materials both internal (of the product) and external (the packaging) completely recyclable, recycled and sustainable.

5) Trust and professionalism

Glam1965 strongly believes in the relationship of trust with its customers (heterogeneous and international). The responsability lies in providing a memorable customer experience, in which professionalism, assistance and spontaneity (which have always distinguished the brand) must never be lacking.

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