Recycling, recovery, environmental sustainability

If you’ve come this far, you’ll surely understand who Glam1965 is and what it wants to do.

Environmental sustainability is the central point from which a series of values branch off, values that Glam1965 can’t keep out but, on the contrary, always bring up.

“All of us can make a difference”, is a sentence that may sound rhetorical, it’s true, but it’s a sentence incredibly true.

All of us can make a difference because it itakes very little to begin to improve the world we live in and to improve ourselves.

All of us can make a difference even with actions that, though small, have a huge impact on our daily lives and mostly on the future.

If you’re asking: “What can I do?”, Glam1965 recommends:

1.Avoid plastic

focusing on glass, paper or aluminum packaging. Pay attention to the “disposable plastic”: bags, bottles, caps, dishes etc., are real time bomba as far as pollution is concerned.

2.Produce less waste

because trash both kills hundreds of thousands of living species (aquatic ones unfortunately have the worst) and poisons. Everything that ends up in the sea (microplastics and chemical contaminants) is ingested by fish and shellfish, the same that you can find served as dinner and that, in the long run, may poison you.

3.Learn to recycle and reuse

Try to give a second life to the finished products; use them for something new, give them a new value. It’s not all rubbish that you have on your hands!