Trichological treatments

Delta Studio is the professional trichological system created by DELTA BKB laboratories.
It consists of six natural lines from 90 to 99,7% and rich in new and innovative active ingredients, which identify the most common anomalies of hair and scalp.

What is trichology?

Trichology is a specialized field of medicine that deals with the observation of diseases, anatomy and functions of hair and scalp. In particular, trichology can be considered the science of scalp and hair, both in healthy and in conditions of alteration. Remeber that the hair (and in particular the scalp) is an important marker regarding any problems of the person.


The six Delta Studio lines

ACTIVA (line A)

Activating shock treatment; it combats dangerous androgenetic hair loss, restoring volume to the hair shaft. It is particularly indicated in cases of excessive hair loss and thin and fragile hair.

DETOXIN (D line)

Normalizes and regulates the production of sebum on the scalp. It is particularly indicated in cases of oily skin and habitual hair loss.

PURIFY (F line)

It fights dandruff and prevents its new formation. Indicated in all cases of “dandruffy” hair loss.

HIDRATA (H line)

Treatment that moisturez the stem and scalp. Perfect for those suffering from an important hair loss and particularly dry skin.

REPARA (R line)

It rebuilds the hair cuticle in case of damaged and treated hair. It is also indicated in cases of hair loss with chronic stem breakage.


This treatment is indicated for frizzy and curly hair that tends to fall out. Hydrates, nourishes and disciplines the stem.

(*) In the shop section you will find the product with the letter of the line and the number that refers to the phase of treatment described below.

The steps

A simple yet effective method; three very simple steps that will help you achieve your goal in the shortest possible time.

STEP 1: washing phase

Washing is the phase that leads the way to hair treatment and, although it may seem trivial, it must be carried out in the right way. In order to effectively counteract an abnormal or excessive hair loss, the washing product must be chosen carefully. The scalp and the stem must be cleaned effectively, while respecting the hydro-lipid film present on our skin.
For this reason, the shampoo formula must be of the highest quality and with an isodermal pH.

STEP 2: treatment phase

This step is important because it is here that the anomaly of the hair and scalp will be effectively counteracted: how? Through the temporary application (or permanent, it depends) of a product that will act as a peeling, detoxifying, moisturizing, reconstructing or activating, depending on the goal you want to achieve.
The application on a properly cleansed scalp (Step 1), will make even more effective this second step that, it should be emphasized, represents the heart of the entire treatment.

STEP 3: nourishing phase

This is the last step of the treatment; make sure you get this point having correctly carried out the two previous steps and also having the scalp properly cleansed.
Remember that in order to obtain better results, it is important to follow sufficiently long treatment cycles to allow the active ingredients to intervene effectively in the fight against the anomaly.
For this reason, it is useful to carry out the treatment three times a week for the first thirty days after its beginning; in the following sixty days you can pass to two weekly applications. Finally, to obtain a perfect result, it would be necessary to intervene with cycles of at least three months of treatment.
Please note: in case of excessive hair loss, we recommend the daily application of the lotion chosen in the first thirty days.

So, how do I proceed?

First, try to figure out what type of hair and scalp you have and then decide which of the six lines is right for you. Once you have selected your line, begin by performing the three steps of the system. Finally, stick to intensive treatment cycles and then, maintenance.

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