Face and Body

Glam1965 offers you a complete treatment with its Naturale line and sunscreen products.  
During the whole year, choose Naturale: a complete line of BIO products for face and body weel-being designed by DELTA BKB laboratories.
Find out our sunscreens to fight sun exposures specifically for sensitive skin: they protect the skin and nourish it in depth.


Face and Body

Every day is accompanied by hurry and stress; we live under pressure, we live in a hurry, we live for deadlines, for schedules to meet, for work stress and for being able to fit everything into just 24 hours.

In such a fast-paced world, therefore, finding time to devote to yourself is rare but necessary, and to make this time even more unique, choosing natural products that safeguard the environment will also bring you a small amount of inner pleasure.

Naturale is a complete face and body wellness products line designed by DELTA BKB Laboratories; rich in precious oils and plant extracts, Naturale contains over 96 percent natural formulas.
Daily use of these products will allow you to achieve both visible results and marked improvements in the health of your skin.

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