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made in Italy

bio eco cosmesi aiab certified

Glam1965 is a Delta BKB brand.

Glam1965 comes to life from DELTA BKB laboratories, a company founded in 1965 in Modena in Italy, dedicated to professional hair and body cosmetics production.

Then, as in the best stories, something happens that brings a change; a plot twist, a realization, a dream in the drawer, something pushing to come out.

DELTA BKB has decided to expand and fully endorse green philosophy, starting to make 100% organic and natural cosmetic products aimed at hair, face, body weel-being... and beyond.

How does Glam1965 come to life?
Glam1965 is a special petal of an immense flower.

Glam1965 is a research, knowledge and professionalism result, features have created something unique and personal.

Glam1965 is great passion for cosmetics and wanted to reach out to a new, sustainable, conscious and natural approach to living in all its forms.

Glam1965 offers to you a unique experience, to live it from start to finish, to take you on a memorable journey that is mindful of the environment and all that inhabits it so, yes, you too.

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