Through an authentic beauty: the power of the biological cosmetic

The cosmetics industry is undergoing a profound transformation, moving towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly model. The organic cosmetics by Glam1965, made with plant-based ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, represent the forefront of this change: they enhance the natural beauty of each person, deeply nourishing the skin and hair and giving them radiance and vitality. Choosing natural cosmetic products means not only taking care of oneself but also making a concrete gesture to safeguard the planet.

In this article, we present 3 new beauty allies by Glam1965 made with natural ingredients, perfect for taking care of hair and skin in a delicate and complete way: Cowash Peeling, Sea Salt Spray and Hydrating Perfumed Water. With a particular attention to the quality of the ingredients and the sustainability of the packaging, they embody the essence of our mission: to make beauty accessible, natural and surprising. All Glam1965 formulas contain top-quality raw materials, natural extracts and essences.

Cowash Peeling: a deep cleansing and nourishing ritual

Hair cleansing is a fundamental step in your daily beauty routine. But what happens when we combine the effectiveness of an exfoliating scrub with the gentleness of a moisturizing conditioner? This is where our Cowash Peeling  comes in. This innovative product combines the exfoliating power of natural agents with the delicacy of moisturizing nutrients, leaving hair clean, smooth and incredibly soft to the touch. Thanks to its balanced formula, Cowash Peeling is suitable for all hair types and it can be used regularly without compromising the natural hydration of the scalp. The probiotic actives present inside, work on the skin stimulating cell renewal and leaving hair ready for styling.

To achieve an optimal result, our team recommends applying an adequate amount of the product to both the scalp and wet hair, massaging gently and then rinsing thoroughly.

Sea Salt Spray: a wave of summer freshness

Do you dream of having hair that looks fresh and natural like after a day spent at the beach, with the wind caressing your locks and the sun giving you golden highlights? By using our Sea Salt Spray, you can turn this dream into reality without having to leave the comfort of your home. Enriched with the beneficial minerals of sea salt and natural extracts, this spray is the key to achieving that desired summer effect at any time of year. Its innovative formula not only gives hair vibrant volume and a wavy, tousled texture, but also leaves it light and shiny, without the unwanted weighing-down effect that is often found with other similar products. And the best part? This mermaid look lasts all day, allowing you to maintain your natural, radiant beauty from morning to night, wherever you go.

Try it by spraying it directly on the hair, massaging it on the roots and lengths of the hair and shaping it with your hands to proceed to the desired hairstyle. Applied on the hair still wet, letting it dry naturally, emphasizes the natural opaque effect. Dried with the hairdryer creates more volume, for an already definitive hairstyle or that lends itself to the application of the preferred styling or finish product.

Hydrating Perfumed Water: the Simplicity of hydration and fragrance

The final step to complete your daily beauty routine is to spray a touch of freshness and fragrance on your skin or hair. With our Hydrating Perfumed Water, this gesture becomes a true moment of sensory pleasure. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Beetroot extract, this light mist is instantly absorbed, leaving skin and hair soft, hydrated and delicately scented. The Hydrating Perfumed Water is a true elixir of freshness to always carry with you.

After bathing or showering, spray the product directly onto the skin to gently fragrance it, or during the day to refresh and revitalize the skin. On the hair, spray moderately.

Essenza Mare

If you want to mentally transport yourself to the seashore, immersing yourself in the scent of the sea breeze and lulled by the gentle sound of the waves crashing on the sand, then Essenza Mare fragrance is exactly what you need. This first variant of the Hydrating Perfumed Water transforms the simple act of perfuming oneself into a unique and unforgettable sensory experience. With its fresh marine, eucalyptus and lemon notes, this fragrance instantly evokes the feeling of freedom and vitality that only the sea can give. Spraying it on your skin and hair, you will be enveloped in an embrace of freshness that will accompany you for the whole day, giving you a sense of lightness and naturalness that will make you feel in harmony with the beauty of nature. Grant yourself this daily luxury and let yourself be carried away by the refreshing and invigorating energy of the sea.

Rose Mandarine

If instead you are a soul who loves the elegance and sweetness of flowers, then you will fall madly in love with Rose Mandarine fragrance. This second variant of the Hydrating Perfumed Water is an ode to the ethereal beauty of flowers and the liveliness of citrus fruits, thus creating an irresistible floral bouquet. With its delicate notes of rose, mandarin and jasmine, this fragrance embodies the very essence of femininity and sophisticated elegance. Spraying it on your skin and hair, you will leave behind a trail of glamour and refinement wherever you go. With Rose Mandarine, you transform every moment into a fragrant and refined experience, making your days sensory adventures to remember.

With these 3 new products, we at Glam1965 have focused on quality, innovation and simplicity. We are constantly committed to offering effective and pleasant solutions for the care of your skin and hair, using natural and sustainable ingredients. Whether you are looking for a deep cleanse, a beach look or a touch of fragrant freshness, our products are here to meet your needs. Rediscover the beauty of nature with our cosmetics and let yourself be amazed by the extraordinary results you can achieve with the right care and love for yourself.

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