All Glam1965 products are guaranteed by the AIAB Bio Eco Cosmetics certification (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture). This certificate confirms that all Glam1965 formulas contain raw materials, natural extracts and essences of first choice, coming from organic farming.


The organic cosmetics formulated by Glam1965 allow you to nourish all skin types thanks to the natural ingredients, preventing premature aging.

Environmental sustainability is a real lifestyle choice, which allows to pursue a sustainable approach in all operational choices and in all the phases of Glam1965 cosmetics, from their birth to shipping.

Organic farming: principles and advantages

Organic farming is an agricultural production system which aims to respect the environment, natural balances and biodiversity and also wants to offer to the consumer genuine products obtained in respect of the cycle of nature. The organic farm is a single "agro-eco-system" in which human activity is inserted using techniques that respect the fertility of the soil, individual crops, animals and environmental balance; these techniques exclude the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and veterinary medicines and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).


The benefits this type of agriculture offers are evident in various areas, including environmental protection and soil vitality. The land, in fact, is certainly one of the most important natural resources, and organic agriculture operates in order to respect its value and its conservation over time.


The basic principles of organic farming are:


  • The principle of wellness: this principle underlines that the wellness of individuals and communities cannot be separated from the wellness of ecosystems; healthy soils produce healthy food, which in turn promotes the wellness of animals and people. Wellness must concern the totality and integrity of living systems.

This principle is not simply the absence of disease, but the maintenance of physical, mental, social and environmental wellness. The natural immune defenses, the ability to recover and regenerate are the key characteristics of wellness.


  • The Principle of Ecology. This principle makes Organic Agriculture an important part of the living ecological systems. In order to maintain and to improve the quality of the environment and save resources, production materials must be reduced through the reuse, recycling and efficient management of materials and energy. Organic Agriculture has to achieve an ecological balance through the conception of agricultural systems, the establishment of habitats and the maintenance of genetic and agricultural diversity.


  • The principle of equity. This principle emphasizes that those engaged in Organic Agriculture shall maintain and nurture human relationships in order to ensure social justice at all levels and for all interested parties – farmers, workers, processors, distributors, traders and consumers. Organic Agriculture must ensure a good quality of life for all those involved and contribute to food sovereignty and poverty reduction.

  • The precautionary principle. Those who practice Organic Agriculture can improve its effectiveness and productivity, but this must not be done at the expense of health and wellness. Consequently, new technologies need to be evaluated and existing methods revised. Given the incomplete knowledge of ecosystems and agriculture, precautions must be taken, through the adoption of appropriate technologies and the rejection of unpredictable technologies, such as genetic engineering.

Why choose organic cosmetics?

In order to be considered organic, a cosmetic product must have these  characteristics:


  • It must contain at least some ingredients of natural origin deriving from organic farming.  

  • Organic crops must not contain pesticides or chemicals;

  • Cosmetics must not be tested on animals;

  • The containers  must be made from recycled or recyclable materials.


Our skin absorbs 60% of the substances we apply every day. This means that even the harmful substances, present in many traditional cosmetics, will be absorbed by the skin and enter into our body. That is why you must be absolutely careful about  the cosmetics you  buy and prefer natural solutions for your beauty routine.


If you're wondering why you should buy organic cosmetics, we've listed a number of benefits you'll get:


  • Total absence of parabens, sulphates, phthalates or petrochemicals, which have harmful effects on our skin;

  • They have anti-aging effects: among the organic ingredients you can also find vitamin C antioxidants, rose oil, rose water, rosemary oil or sunflower oil, which slow down the skin aging process;

The natural active ingredients are typically made from herbs, a healthier alternative to standard cosmetics made with synthetic additives.

Sustainability: the keyword of the Glam1965 team

Glam1965 is a brand of organic and sustainable cosmetics born from DELTA BKB, a company specialized since 1965 in the production of natural professional cosmetic products. Embracing a totally green philosophy, Glam1965 offers a wide range of organic cosmetic products for the treatment of face, body and hair. In particular, Glam1965’s team has more than 50 years of experience in solving scalp anomalies and in the study of natural hair treatments.


Glam1965 has always chosen not to use any type of material harmful to the environment, starting from the sustainable packaging of all products. In fact, Glam1965 uses paper, glass and aluminum packaging for its cosmetic products, as they are the best choice for everything related to product preservation.


These are the main reasons:


  • They do not interact with the contents of the bottle;

  • They do not release toxic substances;

  • They do not contain potentially harmful chemicals.


Glam1965 looks to the present but aspires to the future, focusing on unique values and production choices that look to the environment:

  • Glam1965 products do not contain petroleum derivatives, dyes, perfumes with allergens and propellant gases;

  • They are certified organic cosmetics;

  • They are multipacked, avoiding overproduction of single boxes;

  • They are  professional products 100% Made in Italy;

  • The packaging is made of 100% recyclable paper, glass and aluminum.

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