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How to get rid of dandruff with organic and 100% natural products by GLAM1965

Dandruff is a scalp abnormality that often causes embarrassment and social discomfort. The white flakes with which it occurs, in fact, create an anti-aesthetic effect in the hair and are deposited on the clothes.


It should be noted, however, that the presence of small amounts of dandruff on our skin is completely normal. Our skin continuously regenerates and the peeling process is the last step of the cell regeneration activity. However, dandruff usually comes in the form of tiny, invisible flakes that are eliminated naturally.


The cellular regeneration of the scalp is faster than that of the rest of the body: it only takes about ten days, against 26 days for other cells. This is because the use of brushes, combs or hair dryers daily subject the skin to mechanical actions and friction, which speed up cell turnover.

When the latter is altered and accelerates abnormally, cells accumulate on the scalp and this is how dandruff manifests itself.


Dandruff therefore presents itself as excessive flaking of the scalp, in the form of unsightly white flakes of skin that accumulate at the base of the hair. Dandruff is often accompanied by an annoying itch that leads to redness of the skin and a feeling of dryness.

Oily or dry dandruff: how to recognize it?

There are two types of dandruff, which occur in different ways:

  • Dry dandruff: dry dandruff comes in the form of small, thin white flakes that often end up depositing themselves on clothes;

  • Oily dandruff: in this type of dandruff, the flakes are larger in size and turn yellowish in color, remaining more adherent to the root of the hair.

In both cases, the factors underlying a hyper-production of dandruff can be many: stress, wrong eating habits, use of the wrong products due to the sensitivity of our skin, or the excessive proliferation of the yeast called Malassezia on the scalp.

How can you fight dandruff with natural remedies?

It is possible to eliminate dandruff using natural and professional remedies. In nature, in fact, there are some substances that can help fight it in an effective and eco-friendly way. Among the most famous we find:

  • Pomelo extract: pomelo is a citrus fruit native to the areas of South and South-East Asia belonging to the Rutaceae family. Rich in vitamin C and A, it not only helps reduce cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases, but also has a moisturizing function in protecting the skin from dryness.

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera boasts many properties, including anti-inflammatory, emollient and regenerative properties, which can ease the itching and redness caused by dandruff.

  • Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is an essential oil extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia and is known for its antibiotic and antiseptic properties. It also proves to be very useful in cases of inflammation. In cases of dandruff it can therefore help reduce skin redness.

  • Sage extract: sage is part of the Labiatae or Lamiaceae family and is particularly appreciated for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In hair products, it helps to gently cleanse oily skin and rebalance it, making hair shinier and brighter.


When choosing your natural hair care routine to eliminate dandruff, you can turn to the GLAM1965 F line, which includes natural trichological treatments for the care of your hair at 360°.


GLAM1965 was born from DELTA BKB, a company that since 1965 has been committed to the production of professional and natural cosmetic products for face and body hair. GLAM1965 follows a totally green philosophy and the team boasts more than 50 years of experience in the treatment of scalp anomalies and in the study of specific natural trichological treatments for each problem.


The specific biological trichological treatments to help you eliminate dandruff are:

F1 is a sustainable and vegan anti-dandruff shampoo that contains organic Aloe Vera, Azuky Bean and Red Clover extract, but also Pomelo, Grapefruit, Sage and Hibiscus extracts, which effectively combat dandruff and its return. The use of F1 organic shampoo purifies the scalp in depth, eliminating dandruff, redness, itching and irritation.


F2 is an anti-dandruff peeling containing organic Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Azuky bean extract and Red Clover. F2 organic hair peeling is a sustainable anti-dandruff treatment essential in the care of dry and undernourished scalp caused by dandruff. The natural extracts contained in the product eliminate and prevent the formation of dandruff, making the hair shiny and purified, restoring its natural hydration.


F3 is an organic and vegan anti-dandruff treatment that helps prevent hair loss. The vials are formulated with organic Aloe Vera, Azuky Bean extract and Red Clover, which naturally enhance the growth of the follicle by increasing its strength. The presence of Pomelo, Grapefruit, Sage and Hibiscus extracts, known for their strong purifying properties, makes the product extremely effective in fighting dandruff and preventing it from returning. After the treatment, the skin will be free from itching, irritation and a feeling of dryness.


BACTER is a strengthening and anti-dandruff biological treatment. It contains organic Aloe Vera, Azuky Bean extract and Red Clover, natural enhancers of the follicle growth cycle. The presence of Pomelo, Grapefruit, Sage and Hibiscus extracts, with strong purifying properties, makes the product extremely effective in fighting dandruff and its recovery. The BACTER biological treatment is formulated to enhance the growth of the follicle, increase the thickness and body of the hair. The product revitalizes and sanitizes the scalp, fighting dandruff and its reformation over time.


The products of the F line, as well as all GLAM1965 products, do not contain petroleum derivatives, dyes, perfumes with allergens and propellant gases. They are also 100% made in Italy professional cosmetics and have AIAB certification, which certifies that all the formulas contain raw materials, natural extracts and first choice essences from organic farming.

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