Now it is on everyone’s lips, or rather, on everyone’s pillows!

Obviously we are referring to one of the latest trends in bed linen: the pillow case made of silk.


Elegant and refined style, the silk pillowcase not only plays the role of a luxurious accessory to expose in your room, but is a real panacea for the well-being of your hair and the skin of your face.

Continue reading this article if you are curious to find out what benefits you can get by replacing your past and deleterious cotton pillowcase with a silk, definitely more fashionable and virtuous, and if you want to learn how to enhance these advantages thanks to the constant use of natural products by Glam1965.

Silk and its natural beneficial properties

From a technical point of view, silk is a protein fiber of animal origin with which you can manufacture fine fabrics. The view is smooth and shiny, features that make it refined and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


What interests us most here, however, are the natural benefits that it can bring to the health of your hair and the skin of your face.

The silk pillowcase, in fact:

  • is hypoallergenic and antibacterial: not capturing dust, mold and other allergens is particularly suitable for all those who suffer from acne or who often have pimples and imperfections;

  • adjusts the heat: this way relieves the dehydration of the skin and hair, reducing the frizz and knotted that you may find yourself in the morning just awake;

  • promotes the natural hydration of the skin: unlike cotton, sericin contained in silk does not have a tendency to absorb natural substances that keep the skin and hair hydrated;

  • minimizes chafing and friction: thanks to its very smooth material, reduces inflammatory processes and does not irritate the skin of the face;

  • avoids the risk of breakage: its perfectly smooth surface does not trap the hair, so even if you move during sleep, your locks will flow on the fabric without breaking;

  • prevents the formation of folds from sleep (and the consequent wrinkles): the appearance of the skin of your face in the morning will be better as the less stress, friction and tension that is subjected to the skin during the night.


And you, were you aware of all these reasons why the silk pillowcase became so viral?


Surely this way you can rest like a real prince or a real princess, but are we sure that this is enough to give life to your hair and the skin of your face? 

According to us of the team of Glam1965 the answer is no: the silk pillowcase can be a good starting point, but to obtain visible and lasting results, it should be combined with a serious and daily beauty routine

Do not delay further, discover below the natural products by Glam1965 that we recommend!

Our line of natural products

First of all, you should know that at Glam1965 we are specialized in the treatment of scalp abnormalities and in the study of specific trichological treatments for every problem, as well as in the development of cosmetic products for the face and body.


Each of our products wants to celebrate the beauty of Mother Earth and the wonders of nature and for this we follow a green and sustainable philosophy.

All our products, in fact:

  • have the AIAB certification, which certifies that all formulas contain raw materials, natural extracts and first choice essences, from organic farming;

  • DO NOT contain petroleum derivatives, dyes, perfumes with allergens and propellant gases

  • have packaging exclusively in paper, glass and aluminum;

  • are 100% made in Italy.

Organic Moisturizing Face Cream with almond extract

Let’s start with the face!

Since it does not have a tendency to easily absorb substances, the silk pillowcase allows you to improve the effectiveness of the face cream you apply before going to sleep.


To nourish even more deeply the skin of your face, the proposal by Glam1965 is the Moisturizing Face Cream with almond extract: a moisturizing emulsion composed of natural ingredients of vegetable and organic origin with regenerating and nourishing properties.

It penetrates deeply and gives the skin the right nutrition and hydration, reducing dryness and providing more elasticity

It is suitable for all skin types and makes the face silky, bright, rested and nourished.

R1 Reconstructive Hair Growth Organic Shampoo

As for your hair care, Glam1965 team advises you, to strengthen the "anti breakage" effect, R1: the Reconstructive hair growth organic shampoo.


R1 is an activating reconstructive shampoo indicated for damaged and treated hair containing Organic Aloe Vera, Azuky Bean extract and Red Clover, natural enhancers of the follicle growth cycle.

The presence of proteins from hemp and rice and Bamboo extract, rich in polyphenols, is able to protect and repair the hair cuticle naturally.

It is formulated to bring well-being, strength and repair to the hair strengthening the structure and protecting them from damage or aggressive external agents such as smog, bleaching, wind, etc.


The Reconstructive hair growth organic shampoo R1 is part of the Repara Line: the line of products designed to protect, illuminate and repair naturally the cuticle of the hair brittle, treated and prone to breakage

Repara Line also includes the R2 Reconstructive hair growth organic conditioner and R3 Reconstructive hair growth organic vials treatment for damaged hair.

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